Saturday, June 5, 2010

Earrings by SilverSmack

Today I'm going to introduce you to my friend Jean, a fabulous jewelry artisan, JET member and metalsmith! You'll see tons of great jewelry in her shops, and there are LOTS of earrings to choose from! Her business name is SilverSmack; her favorite tools are her hammers. She likes to texture and color her metal, giving her jewelry an organic look and feel.

The pictures above illustrate what you'll find in her shops. I focus on earrings - but you'll see much more, especially necklaces, pendants and rings.

This artisan works mostly in silver; brass and copper have recently been showing up here. I've chosen these five pair to spotlight today!

This first pair is a simple design I just love! Every woman needs a pair of these Hammered Fine Silver Hoop Eternity Earrings ... they go with everything!

Made with a wonderful hammered texture and oxidized to give them a great charcoal grey color, these are perfect everyday earrings. Wear them with jeans and a tee shirt all weekend and to the office with a nice dress ... they'll look pretty anywhere they go! Every pair is made by Jean personally. Call them your own - for just $15.00!

This lovely pair of floral design dangles is so pretty ... soft violet and blue lucite flowers are accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals and gleaming sterling silver.

The Blue Purple Frosted Lucite Flower Crystal Silver Earrings are a beautiful feminine style you'll love. They're a great color combination that will look good all year long, and especially for summer! They would be a nice addition to any earring collection, and the price is right - they can be yours for only $15.00!

The Queen definitely approves of these Purple Amethyst Onion Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings! I just might have to order a pair of these ... Amethyst is my birthstone and these DO look like they're fit for royalty! The rich purple amethyst is fabulous ... and they are just so perfectly matched with the smooth, polished wire wrapping.

These are made with classic hook earwires, and they hang about an inch from the top of the wire. These are 7mm onion shaped briolettes, so they're just over 1/4" wide. Order a pair today for just $32.00 ...

Looking at these earrings ... I would never guess that they're copper. The colors are so vivid and pretty ... a real rainbow for your ears! This jewelry artisan has discovered a way to give copper an unpredictable colored patina - it can't be controlled, so you never know ezactly what the color patterns will be - but these dangle earrings are amazing!

The Rainbow Firescaled Hammered Copper Stick Tab Earrings are individually created and truly one of a kind! These are finished with a sealant to protect the color. Add a pair to your collection for $20.00!

This last pair was chosen to show the difference between polished and oxidized silver wire wrapping. These are very much like the amethyst pair above; the darkened wire really accents their green color! The Peridot Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings are beautiful and quite sparkly! If you like green, these are a pair you'll love ...

These glittering, faceted peridot briolettes are 6mm, and the total length from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the briolette is 7/8". They could be dangling from YOUR ears for just $35.00!

Jean has several shops, and you'll want to visit them all! Each one is a bit different. Her handmade jewelry shop on Etsy is just part of the picture. You'll also find her handcrafted jewelry on Artfire; more artisan jewelry on Silkfair and wire wrapped jewelry on eCrater. You'll find handmade earrings and pendants from SilverSmack on 1000 Markets; handmade necklaces on Bonanzle, and herringbone wrapped jewelry on!

Terry Salimbene is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. She is a jewelry designer in New York City with many years of experience in the jewelry business, specializing in silver earrings. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Terry Salimbene