Friday, May 21, 2010

Wire wrapped Earrings by DBVictoria

I'm back with new earrings to show you, and I'm really excited about it! My Jet friend at Designs by Victoria makes FABULOUS earrings with gemstones, glass, crystal - even parts from old broken pocket watches!

Her handcrafted earrings have personality ... every time Vic makes a pair, she chooses the beads carefully ... wraps every component with rich silver wire ... and puts all her effort into every pair she designs.

Most of the handmade earrings you'll see at DBVictoria are unique and can't be duplicated, so ... if you see a pair you love, don't wait ... she's got a very busy shop and that pair of earrings you want can literally disappear in a moment!

Everyone needs a pair of basic black dangles. I think these are fit for a queen - and you'll love them too!

Black is the most versatile color, because it really does go with everything! Perfect for casual or dress-up, these lovely handmade dangle earrings are made with chunky faceted black glass beads, beaded sterling silver spacers and matching sterling silver ear wires.

The wrapping is perfect, with a large sized loop on the top so these will move nicely. You can take these pretty Black Faceted Glass Dangle Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires home for just $12.75!

These Russian Opal, Maxixe Aquamarine, and Amethyst Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires really ARE meant to grace Royal ears ...

These earrings are made with stunning Russian Opal, Maxixe Aquamarine, and Amethyst! I love the fantastic, vivid color of these Russian opal stones ... they really do seem to glow!

The amethyst beads are a nice color, and the Maxixe aquamarine beads are gorgeous. Each bead is individually wrapped with sterling silver wire and attached to sterling silver chain, forming the cluster above the opal stones. As you can imagine, these beautiful Russian opal earrings are a bit more expensive ... but still VERY reasonably priced at $60.00!

These are just ... so different. Like something out of Mad Max. They're brilliant little sculptures, all twisted and sharp and fierce. Not the same ... but they belong together! Conflicted little dangles to dress up with ... and let the evening take you wherever it goes!

These quirky dangles are made with vintage pocket watch parts, amber colored glass, wood, and a pierced brass bead all wrapped up with gleaming brass wire, and dangling from granulated brass ear wires.

Watch Parts Steampunk Brass, Wood, and Amber Glass OOAK earrings ... Yours for $36.00!

Here's another pair of steampunk style earrings. These are a bit longer, and actually kinda match!

These handcrafted steampunk dangle earrings feature round opalite glass beads up on top, antique watch parts in the center, and beautiful, milky white fluted glass beads dangling at the bottom.

These earrings are a one of a kind pair, and probably won't be made again so if you like unique earrings, now is your chance to own a truly unusual pair of artisan made earrings for a very reasonable price - $40.00!

That's going to be enough for today! I promise I'll be back soon ... with fabulous new earring finds for you! Until then ... Go shopping at DBVictoria!

Terry Salimbene is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. She is a jewelry designer in New York City with many years of experience in the jewelry business, specializing in handcrafted jewelry. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Terry Salimbene